Group Profile


Since 2007, the Chinese company "SHENWON" (Henan Shenwon Industry Company) has been working in the manufacture and export of chemicals to overseas markets. Our market positioning is mainly focused on providing healthy, environmentally friendly, pollution-freemid products to mid and high-end customers . The products are required to meet international standards and we acheaved over 10 national patents. There are over 2000 companies and factories  from Arabia, Russia, South America, Southeast Asia, Africa have cooperated with us.

We are also a “formulator”, In the past 15 years, we worked as a partner with ISO-approved companies in China, which allows us to meet many applications in various sectors of activity such as: Oil drilling, Glue and Adhesives, Paints and Coatings, Cosmetics , Packaging and Printing industry, Weapons and Armor equipment, other high-tech fields. 

We have proudly created a reputation of stability and lasting quality products!

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