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Polyacrylamide APAM CPAM NPAM

CAS NO.: 9003-05-8

EINECS NO. : 231-545-4

Appearance: white powder

Packaging: 25kg/bag


1. It is used as a flocculant in water treatment industry. Also used in petroleum geology drilling configuration for removing non-dispersing low solid phase mud.
2. It can be used as setting agent in sugar industry settling agent (sugar co-agent); film formers.
3. It can be used as a soil conditioner, flocculants, and can be used in textile and paper sizing reinforcement.
4. It can be used at coal field, oil field and flocculant agents.
5. It can be used as efficient flocculants for neutral and alkaline medium, and can be used as drilling mud additives.
6. It can also be used as oilfield mud additives, sewage treatment agent, and for textile sizing, paper reinforcement.
7. PAM is an important water-soluble polymer, and also has various values effects such as flocculation, thickening, cleavage resistant, reducing resistance, and dispersing properties. These properties are biased according to the difference of the derivative ions. Therefore, it has wide application in various fields such as oil exploration, mineral processing, coal washing, metallurgy, chemicals, paper, textile, sugar, medicine, environmental protection, building materials, and agricultural production.
8. It can be used as the flocculant for water-based drilling fluid which can improve the rheological properties of the drilling fluid, reducing friction.
9. It is widely used in petrochemical, metallurgy, coal, mineral processing and textile and other industrial sectors, and is also used as precipitation flocculant, oil field water thickeners, drilling mud treatment agent, textile pulp, paper reinforcing agent, fiber modifier, soil conditioners soil stabilizing agent, fiber paste, resin finishing agents, synthetic resin coatings, adhesives, and dispersing agents.


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