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Microcrystalline wax

Other name: Ceresin wax, Micro wax

Grade: cosmetic grade, industrial grade, food grade

CAS No.:8001-75-0

EINECS No.: 232-290-1

Appearance: white solid block or granule

Melting point: 70℃ 75℃ 80℃ 85℃ 90℃


Microcrystalline wax can be used as shoe polish, car wax, polishing wax, floor wax, polishing wax, Chinese pills, protective agents, candles, wax toys, dental materials and cosmetics and other processing AIDS.

Microcrystalline wax has good adhesion and ductility, is not vulnerable at low temperature, and can be added to liquid oil to prevent oil separation. In cosmetics can be used as cold cream, lip balm, hair wax and other oil phase raw materials.


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