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High-tech wax

Phase change materials PCM wax

Phase change materials have excellent thermal energy storage performance, without undercooling or phase separation. Their physical and chemical properties are stable in long-term use, with a latent heat of over 200KJ/KG. Phase change materials are used to create the optimal constant temperature environment under special working conditions; Mainly used in high-tech fields such as spacecraft, space suits, military communication base stations, biochemical vaccine drug storage, etc,


Temperature sensitive wax

Temperature sensitive wax ( Thermosensitive wax is a high temperature sensitive expansion material that rapidly expands in volume after being heated. When the temperature sensitive wax is heated, its volume expands, generating thrust that causes the thermostat valve to open; When the temperature drops, the volume of the temperature sensitive wax decreases, causing the valve to close. The volume of temperature sensitive wax rapidly expands near the phase change temperature point, much greater than the volume expansion in the non phase change temperature region.

Temperature sensitive wax can be used to make many temperature sensitive expansion components, such as shower temperature control valves, automotive engine temperature control packages (thermostats), locomotive temperature controllers, etc.


Histology Paraffin wax


This wax is compound of purified Paraffin wax and Polymer resin, for inproving tissue section infiltration and embedding,

Melting point: 56-58℃, 58-60℃, 60-62℃

Product Performance:

1, Excellent slicing performance,

2, Has strong penetration ability, without DMSO,

3, Smooth slicing, minimize compression and cell damage,

4, Cutting thickness low to 2um,

5, No odor or impurities,

6, Freeze at low temperature without cracking,


SHENWON can also Research and Develop various of high-tech waxes according to customer requirements.


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