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Other waxes

Bees wax

CAS No.: 8006-40-4

Appearance: white or yellow granule


1,Beeswax has natural properties such as good adhesion, permeability, emulsification, and smoothness etc. So it is widely used in the production of cream, lipstick, rouge, hair oil, eyebrow pencil, eye shadow, bath liquid, lotion and other cosmetics.

2,Pharmaceutical industry, food industry, fruit and vegetable preservation, feed additives

3,Beeswax is also widely used in candle processing industry, wax painting, wax dyeing, printing ink, lost wax casting bronze ware, calligraphy and painting mounting, and other fields.



Natural candelilla wax

Candelilla wax extracted from the candelilla plant (Euphorbia antisyphilitica, pedilanthus pavonis) from Northeastern Mexico. Yellow prills, oderless. Saponification value 43-65. Melting point 69-73°C/156-163°F. Soluble in alcohol, insoluble in water.

 Non-gelling thickener, viscosity enhancer and plasticizer
☆ Compatible with most natural and synthetic waxes and resins
☆ Extraordinary film-forming properties
☆ Effective emollient
☆ Adds nice gloss to lipsticks


Palm wax

CAS No.: 8015-86-9

EINECS No.: 232-399-4

Appearance: Fragmented flakes


Palm wax is suitable for making mold release candles, It can be added into soybean wax and ice wax to make it easiler todemold after the candle is solidified during production. The appearance is smoth and not sticky and doesn't not affect the texture. The ratio is 100:3, which is 1000g wax need 30g  palm wax.


Rice bran wax

Appearance: pale light yellow pellets

Refind Rice bran wax pellets is especially suitable for creamy cosmetics that high gloss, emulsifying feeling such as day and night repair serum, deodorant balm / stick, lip stick, lip balm etc.

It works as thickener, binding agent, coating agent, gelling agent, gives high gloss and has emolljence properties as well.


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